在世界躁郁症日, 克里斯塔伊斯顿他是澳门官方游戏官网的博士生 情绪障碍研究小组 discusses her research into bipolar disorder 和 her journey from undergraduate to PhD student at the 澳门官方游戏官网.



在这个不确定的时代, 关注澳门官方游戏官网的心理健康比以往任何时候都更重要. 今天是每年3月30日的世界双极日. 这是艺术家的生日, 文森特·梵高(1853年3月30日- 1890年7月29日), 谁死后被诊断为双相情感障碍.

在与 情绪障碍研究小组 I had organised a number of university 和 community events to take place today to raise awareness 和 educate about bipolar disorder. 然而, 可悲的是, 因为2020年的冠状病毒大流行, 澳门官方游戏官网不得不取消所有面对面的活动. Instead, I am writing this blog from my computer at home to mark 双相情感世界的一天.

双相情感障碍患者, 以及其他心理健康问题, 会在未来几个月面临特别的挑战吗, 包括难以获得支持和服务, 孤独, 焦虑, concerns about physical 和 mental health 和 being unable to implement usual routines 和 self-management techniques. This will be a very difficult time for many individuals with bipolar disorder 和 their families, 我的思绪与他们同在.


的 charity Bipolar UK is doing its very best to support individuals with bipolar disorder throughout this p和emic, including via on-line peer support 和 blogs written by individuals with bipolar disorder who are self-isolating.









Bipolar disorder is a lifelong serious mood disorder characterised by episodes of mania (extremely high mood) 和 depression with an estimated lifetime prevalence of approximately 2% in the UK. 的se mood changes may also be accompanied by alterations in thinking 和 perception, 在某些情况下包括精神病特征(妄想和幻觉). 双相情感障碍会造成巨大的痛苦和, 虽然药物和心理治疗是有帮助的, there are still many people who do not respond adequately or who suffer troublesome adverse side effects.

双相情感障碍的确切原因尚不清楚. 的 情绪障碍研究小组, is conducting research to examine the factors which contribute to mood disorders. 这包括生物因素, 比如遗传倾向, 还有心理因素, 比如特有的思维方式, 和环境因素, 比如有压力的生活事件. 本研究, 目的是提高澳门官方游戏官网对情绪障碍的理解, will facilitate future advances in the prevention 和 treatment of these debilitating illnesses.


Five years ago, I commenced my undergraduate psychology studies at the 澳门官方游戏官网. 它本应该只持续3年,然而,它仍然很强大. My final year undergraduate research project with the 情绪障碍研究小组 ignited my interest in mood disorders. I investigated the associations between an autistic spectrum conditions 和 suicidal behaviour in adults diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 我喜欢和我的上司一起工作 大麦的一种博士马奥尼, 丽莎·琼斯教授 和 凯瑟琳·戈登·史密斯博士 在2018年顺利完成临床心理学学位之后, 我决定申请博士学位,与他们进一步合作,以扩大这些发现. 2018年10月,我开始攻读博士学位.


Many students use a Masters degree as a stepping stone towards a PhD 和 naturally there are many benefits to taking this route. 的re is however an option to go straight to a PhD from an undergraduate degree which involves the completion of additional research methods modules over the course of the programme.


My PhD research is focused on autism spectrum conditions in adults who have bipolar disorder.


Autism is a ‘spectrum’ condition, which means that everybody with autism is different. 症状因人而异,从轻微到严重不等. 人 with autism spectrum conditions may find social interactions 和 communication challenging 和 get anxious about unfamiliar situations. 他们也可能会发现很难理解其他人的想法或感受. Processing information might take longer, they do or think the same things over 和 over. Autism spectrum conditions occur across the lifespan, however the exact causes are presently unknown.

Adults with bipolar disorder are more likely to show symptoms of other mental health conditions, 最常见的焦虑症, 酒精和物质使用障碍, 比一般人的要多. 与其他条件相比, research into the co-occurrence of autism spectrum conditions in adults with bipolar disorder has been less extensive. 的re is some published research that suggests autism spectrum conditions are more likely to occur in people who have bipolar disorder than in the general population, 但很少有针对成年人的研究,在英国也没有. 因此, 人们对风险和保护因素知之甚少, the clinical presentation of bipolar disorder in the context of autism spectrum conditions.

我和 双相障碍研究网络 进行混合方法研究,主要分为两个阶段:

  1.  I am examining how common it is for individuals with bipolar disorder in the UK to also have an autism spectrum condition diagnosis, if there are particular features of bipolar disorder that are particularly associated with having both conditions.
  2. I am conducting interviews with individuals who have received a diagnosis of both an autism spectrum condition 和 bipolar disorder to explore their experiences from a life course perspective.

Underst和ing the overlap between bipolar disorder 和 autism spectrum conditions may have implications for clinical assessment 和/or treatment of individuals living with both conditions, 除了有助于理解这两种情况的复杂原因之外.

回顾过去的18个月, I feel I have definitely made the right decision starting my PhD straight after my undergraduate degree. 首先,这是我本科研究项目的自然延伸. If I compare it to an every day occurence: why would you stop watching your favourite Netflix program after the first series ended if the second one was already waiting for you? 你不会的,对吧? 其次,, 也许更重要的是, 我发现了一些我喜爱和尊敬的优秀导师. It is their knowledge, encouragement 和 ongoing support that makes my PhD possible in every sense. 


我要感谢我的研究导师: 丽莎·琼斯教授, 大麦的一种博士马奥尼, 凯瑟琳·戈登·史密斯博士,以及该协会的参与者和成员 双相障碍研究网络.

克里斯塔现在是澳门官方游戏官网的博士生. For details about the University’s research degree programmes please visit our research pages. 她的本科学位是 临床心理学学士学位.

All views expressed in this blog are the Academic’s own 和 do not represent the views, 澳门官方游戏官网或其任何合作伙伴的政策或意见.