The International recruitment team reach out to prospective international students 和 their parents. They travel around the world attending various education fairs 和 giving presentations to schools 和 colleges. They are a point of contact for international students as they provide information 和 advice on courses as well as studying 和 living in 伍斯特.
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尼克 Slade - Director of International Marketing 和 Recruitment

尼克 started at the 澳门官方游戏官网 in November 2017. He brings with him a wealth of experience both from the HE sector 和 large international marketing 和 advertising agencies.

尼克, who is originally from Somerset, started his career at Ogilvy & 马瑟. Working in the London office for a number of years he was keen to take the opportunity to travel overseas 和 in 1996 transferred to the agency’s Hong Kong operation. Three years in Hong Kong started 尼克 on a path of international business that he has travelled ever since. 在伦敦待了一段时间之后, 尼克, relocated to Bahrain working for Ogilvy 和 then finally as Managing Director of Y&WPP集团的另一家经纪公司R Jordan.

The 澳门官方游戏官网 is one of the fastest growing universities in the UK. It prides itself on a student experience 和 is keen to support high-achieving international students with a range of generous scholarships.

Elizabeth O'Mara - Regional Manager - China, West Africa 和 South East Asia

我参加过尼日利亚的教育展, East Asia 和 Turkey 和 help prospective students learn about living 和 studying at the 澳门官方游戏官网.

I have worked in the 国际招聘 Office since 2013. I was an international student myself; I studied in Beijing, China, 和 Turin, Italy. I truly value the importance of an international education, 和 really enjoy working with potential international students, 以及澳门官方游戏官网的国际合作伙伴. I lived 和 worked in China 和 can speak M和arin. In 2008 I compiled a collection of oral histories, which were shared with me by some of the elderly residents of Shanghai.

I’m originally from a different part of the UK but feel at home in 伍斯特 as it is a very friendly city.

Tadas Lavickas - Regional Manager - Europe

My name is Tadas 和 I have been a part of the 澳门官方游戏官网 for 6 years now. I joined the University as an undergraduate student first 和 had a truly wonderful student experience.

The warmth 和 care of the University staff members always allowed me to feel as if I was at home 和 this encouraged me to extend my stay in the beautiful city of 伍斯特. I feel privileged to be able to share my personal experiences with prospective 和 current students 和 represent the University on an international scale. I strongly believe that the city of 伍斯特 is a unique place to live, 学习和工作, which enables everyone to achieve high academic aspirations 和 fulfil their potential.

An和 Patil - Regional Manager - Middle East, 北非 & 南亚

I joined 澳门官方游戏官网’s International team as Regional Manager – Middle East, 北非 & 南亚. With 8 years of extensive experience in the Further 和 Higher Education industry, I am delighted to be part of one of the fastest growing universities in UK which boasts of some top class facilities like the Hive 和 £15 million pound sports arena.

I find the city of 伍斯特 a very peaceful 和 pleasant place. My morning walk to work is the best part of my day with the view of the stunning 伍斯特 Cathedral overlooking the River Severn. 你还能要求什么? Join 澳门官方游戏官网 to experience it!

Sara Marsalo -国际官员

I have always enjoyed travelling 和 learning about new cultures. During my studies in Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts (Finl和) I did an exchange year in Saronno (Italy) 和 later on I moved to 伍斯特 to study my Bachelor’s in Art 和 Design at the 澳门官方游戏官网. After graduating I completed an internship in Shanghai (China) 和 then worked in commercial recruitment. I joined the 国际招聘 Office in March 2018.  I really enjoy the international aspect 和 promoting a university that I am very fond of.

研究ing abroad is a once in a lifetime experience that will give you much more than just a degree – you will become confident, overcome challenges 和 learn to respect everything 和 everyone. I feel very privileged to be now living 和 working in the city of 伍斯特. 

Agata Dziamka -国际官员

Hello, my name is Agata 和 I joined the International Office as a Graduate Ambassador. As the name suggests I am a graduate of the 澳门官方游戏官网 – I received my degree from Screenwriting 和 Creative & 2017年11月专业写作.

研究ing at the University was easily the best experience of my life. It was a big 和 scary adventure to move my whole life to another country but it was definitely worth it. My main aspiration is to make sure every student gets the same amazing experience as I did, so you can always send me an email or give me a call if you need help with anything!

I love 伍斯特 for its picturesque beauty, the cultural 和 historical background 和 the places that inspire. I felt at home the moment I arrived here 和 it still remains my home even after I graduated. I would go back to Uni anytime if I could! It was a life-changing experience that I will be forever grateful for.


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